Staff Contact

Information for Pre-Nursery - 8th Grade and Hillel Torah Staff

Staff name
Staff e-mail addresses
Mrs. Debra Andruk
Mrs. Gladys Azulay
Mrs. Sarah Bajtner
Ms. Susan Barezky
Mrs. Layah Bergman
Mrs. Rachelle Brumer
Mrs. Beth Burke
Mrs. Pearl Castle
Mrs. Zenia Cohen
Mrs. Ilene Cutler
Ms. Alex Dembitz
Mrs. Adi Dimri
Rav Dvir Dimri
Ms. Sari Donenberg
Mrs. Leah Dubovick
Ms. Dena Dworin
Mrs. Naomi Erlich
Mrs. Tamar Friedman
Mrs. Anita Gelbart
Mr. Michael Glassman
Rabbi Yoni Gold
Ms. Ariela Haymberg
Ms. Pamela Hochwert
Mrs. Debbie Jacoby
Mrs. Linda Kagan
Mrs. Lior Kakon
Mr. Yigal Kakon
Mrs. Sandy Kanter
Mrs. Ilana Karesh
Rabbi Phil Karesh
Mrs. Eris Katz
Mrs. Robbin Katzin
Ms. Rachel Klausner
Mrs. Mara Kleiman
Mrs. Gayle Kopin
Mrs. Suzan Kopin
Ms. Sarah Kramer
Mrs. Chanah Krupnick
Mrs. Rozelle Kuperman
Rabbi Aaron Leibtag
Ms. Elyse Levine
Rabbi Menachem Linzer
Mrs. Anita London
Mr. Avi Loterstein
Mrs. Lee Matanky
Mrs. Susan Mendelsberg
Mr. Josh Miller
Mrs. Leah Miller
Mrs. Susan Nesher
Mrs. Yocheved Neuman
Mrs. Ashira Ozarowski
Mrs. Margot Parnass
Mrs. Rochelle Pelzner
Mrs. Laurie Pinchot
Mr. Ed Plotkin
Rabbi Yisroel Richter
Mrs. Aliza Rosenbaum
Ms. Carly Rosenberg
Mrs. Cheryl Rothstein
Mrs. Shira Sadeh
Rav Shlomo Sadeh
Mrs. Marissa Saltzman
Mrs. Miriam Schneiderman
Mr. Dov Shandalov
Mrs. Melanie Shandalov
Mrs. Mara Shanes
Mrs. Naomi Shicker
Mrs. Suzan Silverstein
Mrs. Rebecca Singer
Mrs. Samantha Toljanic
Mrs. Rivka Varnai
Ms. Sarah Weinstein
Mrs. Itamir Zuckerman

General Contact Info

Grades K - 8

7120 N. Laramie Skokie, IL

60077 Tel. (847)674-6533

Fax. (847)674-8313

To access teachers' private phone mailboxes after school hours, please dial the main Hillel Torah number (847-674-6533) and press *2 after hearing the Hillel Torah greeting.