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There is nothing that can compare to that special bonding between children and their Grandparents (and, G-d willing, their Great-Grandparents). It is truly difficult to describe those exciting milestones as Grandparents watch their grandchildren receive their Siddur and Chumash for the first time, or when they participate with their grandchildren in their Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations a few years later, and recognize their growth by Graduation.

Hillel Torah would like Grandparents to be included in the many amazing presentations in its curriculum, specifically so they can cherish such moments.



The Grandparents Club offers its members:

  • Their own monthly newsletter, keeping them updated as to what is happening at Hillel Torah (including the dates of when their grandchild will be in class presentations).
  • A “picture watch” for their grandchild, where we will send them pictures of their grandchildren taken during various activities at Hillel Torah.
  • Opportunities to participate in different programs offered at Hillel Torah.
  • And most importantly, the Grandparents Club will allow them to be part of their grandchild’s experience of learning and growing at Hillel Torah


Grand Parents Club
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This information can be sent to us by filling out the above information or by calling the Hillel Torah office at 847-674-6533. You can also fax or mail the form below. Office Fax: 847-674-8313

You will love being a member!

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Upcoming Events


12: 7th Gr Girls Bnot Mitzvah Leil Limud at 6:45 pm at HT

16-19: Presidents' Day Weekend - No Sessions

19: PTA Winter Social at 1:15 pm at Weber Park Place

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