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There is no way to explain that special bonding between Grandparents and their grandchildren -- those special looks as they communicate with each other, without a sound.

Hillel Torah understands and encourages that bonding as part of its educational format with students by helping them understand true midot: the caring for and respect of others.

Our student’s Grandparents are included in all their activities and presentations, and are there for those special moments in grandchildren's lives: from receiving their first siddur, to accepting their diploma.

As a way of showing “special attention” to our Hillel Torah Grandparents, we invite them to join the “Hillel Torah Grandparents Club.” As a member of this exclusive club, we will make sure that you are aware of your grandchild’s class presentations and we will send you pictures of them taken during their classroom activities. You will also be given the opportunity of volunteering your time for various functions at Hillel Torah while working with Hillel Torah students.

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Please “click-on” Grandparents Club and sign-up now. You should also look at our Parnes Hayom program. This program is a wonderful way for you to honor your grandchild with a  “Day of Learning” at Hillel Torah.


Upcoming Events


12: 7th Gr Girls Bnot Mitzvah Leil Limud at 6:45 pm at HT

16-19: Presidents' Day Weekend - No Sessions

19: PTA Winter Social at 1:15 pm at Weber Park Place

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